HD Witness v1.2 - Released

Network Optix is happy to announce the release of HD Witness V1.2. Completed less than two months after our previous release, V1.2 is a major achievement in advancing our enterprise video platform. Network Optix is now a proud member of the Open Network Video Interface Forum, or Onvif for short. Our flagship Enterprise Video Management Platform; HD Witness now fully conforms with all versions of the Onvif standard in our V1.2 product release available for immediate download.


The ONVIF standard has quickly become the dominant standard in the IP surveillance industry and is rapidly evolving and expanding its user and member base. New camera models are being added to the list of compliant products every week and even older camera models are being retrofitted to accommodate the standard at a high rate. We have tested our Onvif integration with multiple different camera lines (as is required by the standard) and we're eager to test HD Witness with any and every Onvif compliant camera on the market we can get our hands on. So far our testing has included Axis, Sony, D-Link, Brickcom and Digital Watchdog and a small handful of others.

Attention ONVIF camera manufacturers!

Get in touch with us so we can test and certify your cameras into HD Witness Video Management Platform for full and deep feature integration. Our Onvif integration takes advantage of Onvif compliant dual streaming capability.  In doing so, all dual-streaming Onvif cameras can now utilize our advanced server-side motion detection and motion smart search system as well as efficiently operating within our enterprise bandwidth optimization engine.

In HD Witness V1.2 we have made major upgrades to that above mentioned server-side software motion search and sensitivity masking system.  In our previous release we had introduced its capabilities only with Axis cameras.  Now in V1.2 it is available on all Onvif dual streaming cameras.  We made significant improvements to the sensitivity and zone settings and we further optimized the already minimal processor utilization algorithm.


We have also now added the ability to record audio from all integrated cameras with microphones.  Since HD Witness is also a full media player, it already has built in audio synchronization capabilities which will be further improved in later versions.  This also works with our Onvif integration and should work for all Onvif cameras with integrated microphones as well.  We have tested it with several however we look forward to feedback from testing with many more.


An advanced thumbnail reviewing system has been added to our pan-temporal timeline.  The thumbnails are sampled evenly and dynamically from the amount of archive defined within the timeline view.  They can be expanded in size, seamlessly scrolled through and turn on and off with a single click.

There were several other general purpose upgrades and improvements.  SSL is now being used for all system components giving even greater security to the overall system.  You can also now set the system to record in full resolution during motion and continue recording in lower resolution when no motion is present.  This gives the ability to record seamless full-frame rate video 24/7 while reducing the storage requirements dramatically at times of little to no activity in the scene.

All in all, HD Witness V1.2 is a big jump forward in the product's ongoing evolution.  It is without question the most powerful free enterprise video management system on the market.  It takes less than two minutes to download and install, will auto-discover all of your cameras and comes pre-licensed for recording up to four cameras ABSOLUTELY FREE!