HD Witness v1.1 - Released


The Network Optix team is proud to announce the completion of HD Witness® v1.1.  It took a few extra days but the results are well worth it.  This release is jam-packed with cool new stuff including our much awaited Ubuntu Linux Media Server edition.  Now it's easier than ever to run our hyper-efficient serving architecture on even lower cost off-the-shelf hardware of any performance capacity.  We ran our Linux Server recording 16 multi-megapixel surveillance cameras at maximum frame rates and as high as 20mp resolution on a Intel Gen1 Atom Dual Core processor while simultaneously playing back the archive of all 16 cameras at max frame rate and the server still had lots of processing power to spare.  The performance of HD Witness® is off the charts and since we give it away absolutely free, I challenge any and all out there download it and to prove us wrong.


Other awesome editions to HD Witness® V1.1 include our new state-of-the-art server-side motion detection and motion sensitivity configuration.  Not only is it incredibly simple to use and configure, it is extremely powerful in its capabilities.  Even more amazing is that all this power comes with negligible impact on the server-side CPU utilization.  Meaning this feature could easily be used on the hardware configuration described in the paragraph above.  Finally, this feature is available for use on many of our integrated cameras and going forward in the future will be available The screen capture clearly illustrate the detail and level of granularity in sensitivity masking that can easily be configured.  The layout to the left took me less than a minute to define and deploy within that image.

The white box surrounding the ceiling fan represents a complete motion mask out ignoring that entire segment and the other areas define varying levels of sensitivity settings the user can deploy.  Remember this whole defined space and scene settings took me under a minute to define and then screen capture it for use in this post.


Also in this release we have added support for: Axis Video Encoders, Sony IP/HD Surveillance cameras and the COLDSTORE storage array from Veracity UK.

coldstore image large.png

We have made some a major upgrade to our pan-temporal timeline as well.  Display for 'all cameras' archive history as well as the selected cameras separated archive and motion history.  The days are now color-differentiated and rendering out footage within a selected segment of the timeline has never been easier.  Now you can just right-click and drag the cursor across the time space you want to render into a clip.


We've also upgraded our clip rendering capabilities in many ways as well, not the least of which is the additional to a watermark encryption and authentication system on all rendered clip footage.  Now you can also render your clips in either .AVI format or in .MKV format with watermark authentication for both.


We have added port forwarding for setting up camera viewing across different subnets.  For those that have been asking for remote viewing servers, now we can get them set up.  If you'd like to set up your own remote view server, just let us know and we'd be happy to assist.

Finally, in a major move towards our goal of total cloud portability, we have added drag-n-drop device management within the enterprise.  If a camera is configured on one server with full archive and motion settings, you can now just drag and drop that camera from one server in the file tree to another and all the settings will be maintained and the camera will begin archiving on its new server.  But the archive from both or all locations it has been recording to throughout your enterprise will be seamlessly joined in the client's pan-temporal timeline display and review.  This will lead us into a whole new world of server clustering, auto load-balancing, system failover capabilities and endless cloud storage scenarios.

We were unable to complete full Onvif integration for this release and we are still awaiting our membership approval besides.  We will be releasing HD Witness® V1.2 shortly on the heels of Friday's release and it will include full Onvif support as well as some other cool features we couldn't squeeze into this release.  For more detailed release notes, click here:  HD Witness® V1.1 Release Note.

Remember, HD Witness® is ABSOLUTELY FREE to download in its full and complete glory.  It even comes pre-loaded with the first four licenses free and ready for a one-click activation.  Additional licenses can be purchased from any authorized dealer.

Best regards from the whole team here at Network Optix.  As always we welcome your comments and feedback.  Stay tuned for more great things right around the corner.