Linux Server


We have completed development work on our full Linux Media Server.  The HD Witness Server can now be installed on hardware running Linux Ubuntu 10.04 to 11.10.  It flew through testing with flying colors (as any good cross-platform architecture should) and it is ready earlier than we expected and can be deployed for HD Witness V1.0 installs.  We have not posted the download publicly on the site yet, however you can request a copy from via our Support Portal or by contacting directly.  When we release HD Witness V1.1 in the very near future we will have both Windows and Linux versions available for easy public download.  And we will soon be hard at work on adding a full Linux client and of course support for other major OS' as well.



Full support for ONVIF™ discovery, streaming and archiving.

coldstore image large.png

Full support for COLDSTORE, the very cool storage solution from Veracity.  The HD Witness Media Server (both Linux and Windows) will be able to record directly to this hyper-efficient storage solution from our friends at Veracity.  We will be working to evolve our direct-to-storage model we illustrated with TRINITY - VSE for full-featured use with COLDSTORE in the upcoming months.

Additional features such as watermark authentication on exported footage, the ability to also export in AVI format or in .MKV format, support for the first analog encoders, zoom window creation, pan-temporal timeline enhancements.  And the list goes on.  Rest assured we're keeping some of the best details about the release in reserve until we're ready to announce it.

We expect to release HD Witness v1.1 on May 14th if all goes to plan.  Early beta version will be available by the 10th for our partners and beta test teams.  As mentioned above, if you need to try the Linux Server version for the current version, just let us know and we'll get you a copy for testing.