HD Witness v2.2 - Released

HD Witness V2.2 is now available. New features include fisheye lens dewarping, PTZ tours, a new Mac client, simplified network configuration, easy archive restore, HTTP link streaming, additional langauge support, and more hardware integrations. 


Our GPU-powered client-side fisheye dewarping technology has been significantly upgraded.  Any camera can now be set as a “fisheye” camera and the user can either use our auto-calibration tool, or custom-calibrate the field of view manually for a precise configuration. This new capability makes it truly universal as any camera with a fisheye lens attached can be utilized within our software platform.

We have also added much more advanced forensic controls to our dewarping system including our new advanced PTZ preset and tour controls (see next feature for more details). The touring feature can be used by itself with an unlimited number of presets and touring commands, or used in conjunction with our Forensic SpyGlass zoom windows, which also dewarp their defined view in real time. All of this and of course the cameras can be set in wall mount (180° view) or in ceiling mount (full 360° view) adjusted for angle calibration and used in conjunction with our Image Enhancement Utility.


Our PTZ feature has been expanded to include advanced camera tours plus allow our users to set a default “home” position. To create a tour, an unlimited amount of preset positions can be established (with up to 10 set as hotkeys) and each can be set with individual “dwell” times.  

The “home” position refers to the default position preset a camera returns to after a user-definable period of time.  It can either be a preset position or it can return to a pre-defined tour schedule. PTZ settings have also been redesigned to further simplify the user experience.


HD Witness is now available with both light and dark skin backgrounds. An easy control switch in System Settings allows users to choose between the light and dark skin options.  Switching between backgrounds simply requires restarting the client and causes no interruption to system operation.  More proof to our claim, Built for Users!  


HD Witness Mac client will soon be available for download directly from the Mac App Store.  It has been submitted to the Mac App Store and is awaiting their approval for public listing. We will update this post with the link as soon as Apple clears it.

Our Mac client is a native client, built from the same development environment our Windows and Linux clients.


Our new simplified network configuration protocols now require single port configuration and forwarding, eliminating the need to port-forward the three pre-existing ports for all media servers as required in older versions. Enterprise controller, media proxy and media server ports have been replaced by a one port connection (normally 7001). This is a major breakthrough in simplifying our system's management.  In addition, the enterprise controller is no longer required to connect to each media server. For our client to access video, the media server simply connects to the enterprise controller, not bidirectionally as before.  


Full archive can now be restored with the click of a button without any interruption to the recording. This new capability serves a great benefit in recovering archive video in case of data loss or partial Hard Disk Drive corruption.


Similar to a generic RTSP link, a user can now use a generic HTTP link to obtain video streams from video sources. This allows users to obtain video streams from obscure cameras and expands HD Witness’s range of integrated devices.


For our international users, we have expanded the range of available UI translations to include Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Japanese, Russian, French and Portuguese.


The new release expands the range of integrated cameras including new ACTi, Arecont Vision, Nexcom, Relong, RVi, Samsung, Sentry360, Sony, Vista CCTV and Vivotek models.