Step 3: Install & Setup a Testing System

Install Nx Meta VMP Server + Client

Install Nx Meta VMP in your testing environment. For reference any Windows or Ubuntu Linux computer with a Core i3 or higher CPU and at least 4GB of RAM will work fine for a testing platform.

  1. Install Nx Meta Server and Client on a computer (or computers) on the same subnet as any IP cameras you would like to find, capture, and manage.
  2. Open the Client and find the New Server tile. Click on the Server tile and follow instructions to login.
  3. Nx Meta VMP will auto-discover compatible cameras on your network or you can manually add testing streams or devices. Need some test streams? Try Setting up Testcamera.

Optional: Connect your system to Nx Meta Cloud

Connecting your system to the Nx Meta Cloud service will allow you to share access to other users using just their email address and to connect to your system from anywhere, anytime without needing to set up a dynamic DNS and port forwarding or a public IP address.

  1. Click on the Cloud icon in the top right of the Nx Meta Desktop Client.
  2. Login using your Meta Dev Portal credentials.
  3. From the Main Menu go to System Administration –> Nx Cloud and click on the Connect System to Nx Cloud button.
  4. Re-enter your credentials and press OK
  5. Give yourself a high five

Test system set up and ready to roll? Move on to Step 4.

Already installed Nx Meta VMP and have your system up and running? Move on to Step 4: Develop your Meta Plugin