Step 2: Download Software & Dev Tools

Download Nx Meta & the Metadata SDK

Nx Meta VMP is a suite of applications (Nx Server, Nx Desktop) that form the core of the video management platform.

  1. Click on “Download Nx Meta VMP” in the footer.
  2. Click on “Other releases, patches and beta versions” (requires Early Access)
  3. Click on the “Patches” tab (requires Early Access)
  4. Download Nx Meta VMP for your target devices.

* Nx Meta VMP has two key applications – a Server application and a Client application – which can be installed together on the same or separate devices.
* Server OS support: Windows, Ubuntu Linux, and some ARM devices
* Client OS support: Windows, Ubuntu Linux, and some ARM devices
* No prerequisite technology is required to install Nx Meta.

Download the Metadata SDK

The Metadata SDK is what makes it possible to integrated 3rd party intelligent video analytics platforms (and more!).

  1. While still in the “Patches” tab click on the ARM link and look for the download link starting with metavms-analytics_sdk
  2. Save this .zip file somewhere convenient (so you don’t lose it!)
  3. Unzip the file and click on the analytics_sdk folder to view contents.

* Nx Meta VMP is regularly updated. But don’t worry – we send out an email every time there is a new feature or breaking changes to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening. Make sure to add to your email white list.

Downloaded Nx Meta VMP and the Metadata SDK? Move on to Step 3.

Downloaded Nx Meta VMP for your target devices? Move on to Step 3 – Install and Setup a Test System.