Creating Intelligent Video Applications is Hard.Meta makes it easier.

Nx Meta VMP allows you to create a full-featured IP Video-powered product in weeks instead of years.

It's Fast. Really Fast.

Covering 90% of features required by any customer, developing with Nx Meta VMP is fast – and your end product is guaranteed to be snappy and responsive.

It's Cross-Platform

With applications for all major operating systems and modern browsers you can develop intelligent video applications that meet your customers’ infrastructure needs.

Mix & Match Components

Meta’s architecture includes Cloud, Desktop, Mobile, and Server applications which you can combine with your own technology to create your ideal intelligent video solution.

Free Developer Tools

Nx Meta VMP includes a suite of free developer tools – including the Metadata SDK (C++), Server API (HTTP), Storage SDK (C++) and Video Source SDK (C++).

Create a Branded Product

With Nx Meta VMP you can integrate your system or devices to create an entirely new Powered-by-Nx product you can promote and sell to your own customers / market.

Continually Evolve

As Meta evolves to include new features and core technologies your product’s capabilities will also evolve, keeping you at the cutting edge of intelligent video.

Nx Meta VMP is lightweight and fast on commodity computing hardware.

Build an Intelligent Video-Powered Product in Weeks (not years). Nx Meta VMP allows you to create a full-featured IP Video-powered product in weeks instead of years. Integrate with Nx Meta to create an intelligent video-powered application to solve any customer needs.

  • Nx Meta VMP supports almost all IP cameras (ONVIF or other) out of the box.
  • Check our supported devices page for a full list of manufacturers and devices currently running on Powered-by-Nx systems.
  • Schedule recording of any connected IP Camera, RTSP/HTTP/UDP stream, or even offline capture device (e.g. GoPro).
  • Nx Meta VMP includes a Desktop, Browser, and Mobile clients for fast review, control, and playback of live or recorded video with search tools (keyword, calendar, smart pixel) that make it easy to take advantage of captured video and its associated metadata.
  • Nx Meta VMP has a built-in IFTT rules engine that allows operators to create rules for automatically responding to system events with actions.
  • Nx Meta VMP’s Cloud service makes it simple to connect to your Systems from anywhere, anytime, over any type of network.
  • Nx Meta VMP’s unique Server Hive Architecture means your system will have no single point of failure with built-in automatic camera failover a key, free feature.
  • Nx Meta VMP’s full feature list is vast and grows with every release. Check out Nx Witness features for a full list of Nx Meta capabilities.

Nx Meta is cross-platform, with support for your development environment.

Nx Meta VMP is extremely lightweight and is cross-platform - with support for most standard computing hardware and all industry-leading operating systems.

  • Nx Meta can run in a variety of virtual environments – including VMWare and Virtualbox
  • Nx Meta VMP has installation packages for Jetson developer hardware and Raspberry Pi and the Nx Server application can be customized to run on most low-powered, cost-efficient ARM hardware.

You can mix and match Nx Meta VMP components.

Nx Meta VMP is a platform made up of 4 key application layers - the Nx Desktop client, the Nx Server application, the Nx Mobile client, and Nx Cloud. Developers can mix and match components to create their ideal solution.

  • A lightweight media server application designed for adding and managing system resources.
  • Manage up to 128 HD cameras on a single core of a Core i3 CPU
  • Comprehensive REST Server API for integrating devices and systems
  • Powerful Metadata SDK to integrate AI-powered computer vision applications
  • A rich media browser with a flexible GRID interface for connecting to, viewing, and managing a System.
  • Customizable Layouts, Resource Management, Notifications, PTZ Control, Universal Fisheye dewarping and a revolutionary flexible GRID interface for drag and drop control.
  • View up to 64 HD streams on a single Layout
  • Use as a Client application, in Video Wall mode, or as an offline media player
  • A mobile app designed for connecting to, viewing, and interacting with system devices.
  • Fast, reliable on-the-go connections to Powered-by-Nx systems.
  • Soft triggers, universal fisheye dewarping, calendar search, smart motion search, and more!
  • A public cloud application built for simple, fast, and reliable remote connectivity and management of internet connected systems.
  • Connect an unlimited number of downstream systems to a single user account.
  • Quickly connect to systems and manage user rights.

Nx Meta VMP is completely FREE to develop with.

Nx Meta VMP's developer tools - a REST Server API, the Metadata SDK, Storage SDK, and Video Source SDK - allow you to combine Meta with 3rd party products to create a unique turnkey intelligent video solution.

  • A full featured REST API that allows users to integrate 3rd party systems and devices with Meta
    using authenticated HTTP API calls.
  • Check out the Server API now (username:, password: NxDemoUser)
  • The Video Source SDK provides the ability to integrate virtually any live or recorded video source (IP Cameras, NVRs, DVRs, etc) into a System. With the Video Source SDK developers can create methods for discovering, displaying, analyzing and recording video. It also allows integrating device I/O ports and motion detection information.
  • Download the Video Source SDK now (username:, password: NxDemoUser)
  • The Storage SDK allows developers to read from or write to any storage location: local, remote, or even the Cloud. Creating a storage plugin requires implementing standard functions such as: I/O stream, if file exist, delete file, list of files in the folder, etc.Storage SDK also contains an example for using an FTP server as a storage location..
  • Download the Storage SDK now (username:, password: NxDemoUser)
  • The Metadata SDK was designed for the rapid integration of AI-powered computer vision applications focused on recognizing and tracking objects and people.
  • Get Started with Meta today to get access to the Metadata SDK.
  • Create a Meta Plugin and you can promote it to the entire Powered-by-Nx channel – including private labeled solutions – absolutely free.
  • The Powered-by-Nx Channel has an installed base of millions of IP cameras and is made up of thousands of systems integrators around the globe.
  • The Nx Marketing Team will post all new Plugins to our websites and social media channels to help you promote your solution.
  • You can team up with Nx to sell your solution through our channel. Interested? Contact us.
  • Interested in creating your own private-labeled product with Nx Meta VMP? Talk to us about your company, your product, and get a proposal for building a new recurring revenue stream with Nx.

With Nx Meta VMP you can create a Powered-by-Nx Product

Nx Meta VMP makes it easy to create a 100% branded solution you can sell in your own market - and its been designed to be instantly usable to decrease customer on-boarding and support.

  • Nx Meta VMP was created specifically for developers to create new integrations with Powered-by-Nx products (like Nx Witness VMS).
  • Nx Meta VMP’s base components were designed to be instantly usable – with a simple and intuitive UI both for users and for an administrator, reducing the demand for customer training,  enabling fast deployments, and reducing support.
  • Get Started with Meta – download Nx Meta VMP, install it, get the Metadata SDK and integrate your existing product / system by creating a Meta Plugin.
  • Talk to the Nx Business Development and Sales teams to get pricing for a white-labeled version of Nx Meta VMP you can brand to match your company.
  • Promote your new solution through your own channel in your own market and sell licenses that you manage and control.
  • Nx provides our partners a full set of documentation, training, and ongoing Tier 3 support (for tough issues) as well as monthly patches, Beta versions, and hotfixes.

Nx Meta VMP lets you continually evolve your IP video capabilities.

Nx Meta VMP is continually updated and evolves to accommodate the latest IP Video industry and complimentary technologies - meaning you'll always have a competitive edge in IP Video management.

  • Since its launch in 2013 the platform has produced 22 major releases and 260+ new features.

As the Nx Meta Developer tools and features evolve you can continually tweak and improve your own Powered-by-Nx solution to optimize your integration and provide new capabilities.

  • Nx Meta User Interface components are continually evolving to reflect the latest UI / UX tech standards and to stay modern and snappy.
  • Nx Meta VMP’s ability to discover and manage IP cameras is updated every release, with new devices being integrated – like I/Os, Joysticks, and more! – every release.
  • Meta Early Access Program participants can request new features in our Developer Tools and new capabilities that enable faster or more robust integration with their devices or systems.
  • Powered-by-Nx products built with Nx Meta VMP also include all Nx Meta Developer tools – the Server API, the metadata SDK, storage SDK, and source SDK.
  • Your channel and your team can continually build and control custom integrations for your own product, creating customer-tailored solutions for your entire channel or individual projects.