3 Ways to Try Nx Witness

Use Nx Demo System ▪ Use your own System ▪ Web Browser 

1. Connect to our Demo System

Install Client • Connect to Nx Demo System

Try out a full-featured System - with multiple servers, cameras, and layouts - by connecting the Nx Witness System we use.

  • Download the Nx Witness Desktop Client or Nx Mobile App for your Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu Linux computer.
  • Login via Nx Cloud using the Nx demo credentials

Nx Cloud Login
Login: demo@networkoptix.com
Password: NxDemoUser

2. Setup your own System

Full Install • Cameras/Sources Required

Install Nx Witness in your own testing environment. You'll need cameras and at least one server (PC or Linux).

  • Download Nx Witness for your PC or Ubuntu Linux device
  • Install Nx Desktop and/or Nx Mobile apps
  • Activate your 4 Free Licenses for 30 days in the Systems Settings -> Licensing Dialog.

3. Use Your Browser 

Connect to our HQ Demo System's Web Admin interface to view our Web Client, Server Settings, and Developer Tools.

Click A Link • View Web Admin Interface

username: demo@networkoptix.com
password: NxDemoUser