Learn Nx Witness™

Tips, Tricks, and Feature Overviews

Nx Witness Architecture

In this video we explore the Nx Witness VMS System Architecture - now with Nx Cloud - with new Nxer Igal Milchakov and old Nxer Tony Luce. Nx Witness - Advanced IP Video Management. Made Simple.

Install Nx Witness™

Learn how to install and setup Nx Witness in minutes with Igal and Tony from Network Optix.

Nx Lite Client

Join Tony, Charles, and Igal as they explore the brand new Nx Lite Client for the Nx1 Micro Hive Server. 

Universal Fisheye Camera Dewarping

How to set up, configure, and start using a fisheye camera using Nx Witness. 

Motion Detection Setup

Learn how to set up and utilize motion detection on your Nx Witness system.

Adding Users

Creating a user in Nx Witness couldn't be easier. Seriously. Watch this video to learn how to create and manage users.

Video Wall

Nx Video Wall is a powerful, simple-to-use remote monitor control feature available directly in Nx Witness. 

One-Click System-Wide Upgrades

Learn how to update your entire system with the click of a single button. 

Accessing Nx Developer Tools

The Nx Witness API and SDK are available offline directly in the Nx Witness Web Admin interface.

Alarm Layouts

Alarm Layout lets users set up system rules to automatically pop-up video on alarms.

Storage Backup

Configure archive backup by schedule, on demand, or in real-time.

Nx Cloud

Learn the basics for Nx Cloud - including creating a cloud account, linking your Nx System to the cloud for the first time, quickly switching between Systems, and sharing your System with other Nx Cloud users.

Camera Configuration & Recording

Naming cameras, understanding the camera settings dialog, configuring recording schedules, and more! 

Advanced PTZ & PTZ Tours

Want to stop playing with your old analog joystick? Start using Nx Witness for its Advanced PTZ and PTZ Tours. 

Add or Merge a Server

Learn how to expand your Nx Witness system by joining or adding additional servers to your system.

Customizing Layouts

Learn how to use the feature Nx Witness is best known for - infinitely customizable layouts.

Automatic Failover

Learn how to use the Automatic Failover feature of Nx Witness (available in v2.3 and later).


Learn how to automatically or manually create Bookmarks to capture important events.

Live Video OVerlay

Live Video Text Overlay is a great way for users to better visualize critical events.

PTZ Preset AS AN Action

Make your PTZ cameras do what you like, when you like.

Don't see what you're looking for?

Can't find the right video to explain a feature you're looking for? Not to worry, we'll be continually adding new features moving forward to this page. But if you're in a hurry or need a feature in a tight timeline please let us know!