HD Witness is now Nx Witness™

HD Witness has a new look,a new architecture, new features, and a new name.



What is the difference between Nx Witness™ and HD Witness?
A sleeker cleaner look and a plethora of new features. Nx Witness™ has the same great features as HD Witness – only more.

Should I update to Nx Witness™ if I’m already using HD Witness?
HD Witness users are not required to update, but are encouraged to update existing installations to Nx Witness v2.3 to take advantage of the new features.

How do I update to Nx Witness™ if I’m using HD Witness?
Updating to Nx Witness from HD Witness is simple. Just download the Nx Witness installer package and follow the installation wizard. Your HD Witness system will be updated to Nx Witness.

Will HD Witness continue to be supported? 
Absolutely. HD Witness v2.2.1 and earlier versions will still be supported. Have any more questions about this change? Get support now.